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In this facility, all tenants live independently (with or without Home Care), but participate in our meal program and have access to a range of on-site services.  The front entrance is locked at all times.


Suite Size  Type Rent
556 sq.ft. Type A Based on Income
714 sq.ft. Type B Eligible for Rent Supplement
920 sq.ft. Type C Eligible for Rent Supplement
1316 sq.ft. Type D Loan + Rent – Interest


MEALS – Suppers are included in your monthly meal/services plan.  They are served at 5:00pm in The Gardens dining room.

Lunch is available and served at 11:30am by:

  • purchasing the meal package plan, or
  • purchasing meal tickets at the Kitchen (notice of one day required) for $7.75 per person

Meal tickets for guests are available from the Kitchen:  Lunch – $7.75; Supper – $10.25.  Notice of at least one day requested, for yourself and/or guests.  Meals can now be charged to your suite — ask the Kitchen for details.

Breakfast will be available in the future.  Let us know if this is desired.

Complimentary coffee is available in the dining room and is intended for tenants and guests to enjoy in the dining area.

Your comments are appreciated.  A comment box has been placed at the front desk.

THE GUEST SUITE – Our guest suite is available to tenants’ guests for $80 per night.  They will be comfortable in a room with a queen sized bed, a kitchenette, coffee maker, and TV.  Bookings are made by Reception.  Check-in time is 4:00pm on the day of arrival, and check-out time is 1:00pm on the day of departure.  We accept cash and cheques for payment, or charge to the tenants suite if the tenant wishes to pay for the room.

ACTIVITIES & EVENTS – Please contact the Life Enrichment team and/or Laurie Schellenberg, the Managing Director, if you have ideas for events, activities or outings.

Monthly coffee meetings take place in the dining room the first Thursday of each month at 2:00pm.  These provide an opportunity for tenants to meet other tenants and discuss any issues.

HAIR SALON – We have a hair salon on the second floor of The Gardens.

EXERCISE ROOM – Our exercise room on the third floor currently houses used equipment.  Please use at your own risk.  We have applied for grant money for specialized equipment for seniors.

LIBRARY – Enjoy browsing through our selection of donated books in our fourth floor library.  Avail yourself to the living room chairs and stay awhile.  Free WiFi is available in this room for your convenience.

SATELLITE TV – The basic package is covered by a $20 fee attached to your rent payment each month — much cheaper than purchasing your own.  Contact SHAW if you want to purchase more programming.

WI-FI – Free WiFi is available in the library and solarium.  To purchase WiFi for your own apartment, please contact MTS or VISP.

BBQ – Gas barbecues are not allowed.  Electric barbecues are acceptable.  Communal barbecues will be available in the future.

MAIL – Mail is delivered to your mailbox in the mailroom in the front entrance.

MAILING ADDRESSYour suite # – 140 10th Avenue NE, Altona MB  R0G 0B7


Parking in the parking lot (assigned with plug-in): $30 per month.

Parking in the Parkade ($5,000 loan):  $150 – 3% interest on loan = $137 per month.

STORAGE – Extra storage for each suite is provided in the parkade for an extra $25 per month.  Tenants provide the padlock for the locker(s).

SUITE ALTERATIONS – Before making any alterations to your suite, complete a Suite Alteration Form and submit to Reception for approval.  Instead of nails, we recommend using 3M Command Hooks.

LAUNDRY – Stacked washer and dryer supplied in each suite.

SECURITY – The entrance door is locked 24 hours a day.  An intercom located in the entrance allows tenants to let guests into the building.  The intercom includes a directory of all tenants with suite numbers.  Guests may enter the suite number, or if they do not know it, they may scroll through the list to find the appropriate name and then press the green phone icon button.  This connects to the tenant’s phone, who can then choose to let them in from the convenience of their room.  The entrance door will then automatically unlock and open.

WINDOWS – Over winter, please ensure that  your blinds are not kept closed consistently, as this can allow frost to build up.

LIGHT BULBS – LED lightbulbs are available when tenants are in need of replacements.

GARBAGE/RECYCLINGGarbage should be set outside your apartment door by 9:00am Monday to Saturday for pick-up.  Please double-bag your wet garbage.  Recycling (bins provided) should be sorted and set out with your garbage.