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The Gardens on Tenth has many dedicated staff who help the seniors
enjoy the highest possible quality of life – while having fun!

Some of the ways that our Activity/Events Coordinator and staff support the Seniors within the Gardens on the Tenth campus:


Enhance physical ability through stimulating activities.


Maintenance of the fine motor skills needed for activities of daily living.

Create activities and games that keep memories sharp.
Provide avenues for meeting new people and finding new connections.
Run programs that help seniors maintain their independence and decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation.
Organize and coordinate events within our community and into surrounding communities that allow Tenants to explore new or past enjoyed experiences.

Our volunteers and staff are experts at keeping seniors moving! From sports like seated yoga, weekly exercise classes, resistant band exercises or cardio drumming, there are a variety of physical activities to choose from.

Encouraging seniors to stay active also means encouraging a healthy social life, having positive social connections can also lower the risk of cognitive decline.  To accommodate the different interests and abilities of our residents, our activity calendars are packed! One day might focus on activities designed to boost creativity with a simple but meaningful art project. Another might focus on just having fun with a game or taking a short walk around the campus. No matter what your interest each day has a variety of physical, social, or creative activities to choose from.

The Gardens on Tenth is a great place to live. If you want to learn more about life at The Gardens, The Apartments, The Manor, or The Units get in touch with us today!

Hours Of Operation

Mon - Fri : 8 am - 4 pm