Honorary funding chairs named for The Gardens on Tenth

Sep 21, 2012

Honorary fundraising chairs Jake Friesen (representing the Altona MCC Gift & Thrift Shop group), Elmer Hildebrand and Jack Penner look over plans for the new facility.
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The Gardens on Tenth have named honorary chairs for their fundraising drive.

Formerly Ebenezer Home, the Gardens on Tenth are nearing their expansion, with a large building project being designed by architect Raymond C. Wan. Construction is expected to begin in early 2013. Funds are needed for the project to go ahead, and board chair David Wiebe said fundraising is about to begin.

The entire project is expected to cost $15 million, but not all of that will need to be raised locally. Wiebe said they’ve received plenty of community support in the past for projects like supervised living, in which $450,000 was raised locally. “There’s a lot of interest expressed,” he said. “They’re not saying ‘should we build it?’ they’re saying ‘when are we starting?’”

Former Emerson MLA Jack Penner, Golden West Broadcasting CEO Elmer Hildebrand and the Altona MCC Thrift Shop group have agreed to serve as honorary chairs for the planned fundraising drive. Elmer Hildebrand is sure the project will be embraced by local residents. “This is a most exciting project for our community – one that will be wholeheartedly endorsed by both business and private citizens,” he said.

Jack Penner agreed, saying this project will benefit retirees. “Safe, comfortable surroundings, a home-like atmosphere – the proposed project has everything we need to make it our home.” The Thrift Shop board, represented at the announcement by chair Jake Friesen, issued a statement supporting the cause.

“This is another way of growing our community, working together and helping to take care of one another.”

Wiebe said the MCC was invited to participate because of their service and relevance to the community. “Thrift shop volunteers represent many of our member churches, and the Altona MCC store has previously provided financial support to our organization,” he said. “These dedicated volunteers will help us reach the entire region with sound information about our upcoming fundraising campaign.”

When completed, the project should provide more than 60 new suites for seniors.

Story from the Red River Valley Echo, Friday, September 21, 2012

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