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(204) 324-8945

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Family Responsibilities

Within our Supportive Housing Program, families are expected to meet the essential needs of residents including:

  • Arranging for telephone & cable TV hook-up
  • Providing medical equipment (wheelchairs, shower chairs, etc.)
  • Arranging for prescription orders & re-fills
  • Doing laundry (machines are available for use free of charge)
  • Housekeeping (dishes, vacuuming, in-suite groceries, etc.)

Families of our residents are also responsible for providing:

  • Hygiene products (shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.)
  • Tissues, toilet paper & garbage bags
  • Wash cloths & towels
  • Incontinence products (unless other arrangements have been made by family with the Home Care Case Coordinator)

*NOTE: A housekeeping & laundry service is available at The Gardens on Tenth for a monthly fee; please contact the main office at 204-324-8945 for more information.

Residents may need a range of supports, some of which we do not provide. Family is expected to arrange for Home Care or private contractors to provide the following services:

  • Make doctor/dentist/optometrist or similar appointments
  • Give medication that is not blister-packaged (i.e. insulin, nitro patch, prescription ointments, painkillers, sleeping pills, etc.)
  • Monitor or test blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Clean or dress wounds
  • Call for prescriptions or refills
  • Lift residents if they have fallen or are unable to get up (family or 911 is contacted): no lifting or complete transfers will be done by our staff
  • Deliver meals to rooms (unless the resident is ill)

A time may come when a resident’s health, safety and security needs can no longer be met by the staff and resources available here. Of course, such a change would be discussed with the resident and their family, and appropriate options would be considered.

*NOTE: It is also possible at any time for Home Care to discuss with family some options and needs or reasons to move a resident to another facility; this would be based on Home Care criteria and services.