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Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing

Of the 23 tenants of The Apartments, 13 are Supportive Housing Clients, funded by Southern Health.

The Supportive Housing Program offers a supervised living environment for tenants with early stage dementia or other health issues, who need to be supported in the daily activities of life. The program is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing support, supervision, security and social stimulation. Seniors who are in danger of wandering can be fitted with a device that helps to keep tenants within our secure building and the backyard.


Application to this program must be made through Home Care:  Please contact your Regional Health Authority’s Home Care Case Coordinator for more information about assessment. Please call 204-324-6458, ext 1 (Case Coordinator) or see the Altona information on the Southern Regional Health Authority web site.



24/7 PROGRAM for the ten residents in this building not yet paneled or funded by Southern Health. Staff is funded though an extra fee for these tenants.



These programs may be able to help those who can no longer live independently and who cannot yet be admitted to a care facility.


The Apartments

The Apartments (formerly Ebenezer) is home for those needing more support.  This building is staffed 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, providing support, supervision, security, and social stimulation.


Contact us to get your name put on the wait list for Supportive Housing or Assisted Living!  Call 204.324.8945 or email [email protected]



24/7 Package: Rent, 3 meals/day, 2 coffee breaks, activity costs, 24/7 supports

SH Package: minus support fee as this is covered by RHA funding

Suite sizes are approximate:

SuiteSize 24/7 Package SH Package # of Suites
300 sq.ft. $2021 $1485      18
390 sq.ft. $2063 $1521       2
500 sq.ft. $2246 $1704       3

Call for availability – (204) 324 – 8945


All tenants buy the entire meal package, which includes three meals a day and two coffee breaks.  The meal plan costs $696 per person.  Staff eat with residents to assist and support as needed.

Meals are served in The Apartments dining room:

Breakfast – 8:00am;  Lunch – 11:30am;  Supper – 4:45pm

Family members and guests are welcome to come for meals — no notice is needed except for larger groups. Click here to see our Meals page.

SERVICE PACKAGE – Garbage, recycling pick-up, meal delivery and access to activities:  $27/month

TENANTS MAILING ADDRESS – To send mail to a Tenant, use the following address:

(Tenants Suite #) – 235 5th St NE, R0G 0B7

NIGHT WATCH – Night Watch walks the halls hourly and can check on tenants in their rooms during the night on request.

WANDER GUARD – Seniors who are in danger of wandering can be fitted with a device that helps to keep tenants within our secure building and backyard.  There is a one-time non-refundable fee for the use of a Wander Guard bracelet.


  • Concerts
  • Bible Studies
  • Bingo
  • Crafts
  • Games
  • The Garden Post (our monthly newsletter)
  • and much more…

The Apartment upstairs activity room is always open to residents for visiting, puzzling and games, and a large screen TV.  Coffee is served in the activity room daily at 2:00pm and 7:00pm.  This room can be a living room for tenants.  It can also be reserved for family gatherings or other special events — call Life Enrichment to book 204-324-8945.  There is no charge for the use of this room by tenants.

MAIL – Mail Delivered Daily by Life Enrichment

MAILING ADDRESS – (Tenants Suite #) – 235 5th St NE, R0G 0B7

PARKING – Ample parking spaces available (with plug-ins) for $24/month.

LAUNDRY – There is a laundry room on each floor.  There is no charge for the use of the washer and dryer.

HOUSEKEEPING & LAUNDRY – Services available.

SHOWER – There is a large shower on the second floor for use with wheelchairs or for other chairs and supports.

PUBLIC WASHROOMS – There are public washrooms on the main floor near the entrance and upstairs near the activity room.

EXTRA STORAGE – There is a room where each tenant may have a locker or closet space for storing extra things.

COURTYARD – see General Information

AFTER HOURS OR EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER – To reach a member of our supportive housing staff in the case of an emergency, call 204-324-4125 (available 24/7)

General Information

STAFF –  Some of our staff are able to converse in English, Low German, and High German, as well as some other languages.

RENT – Rent is payable in advance, on or before the first of the month.  Rent can be paid by:

  • cash
  • cheque
  • automatic transfer (set-up by the tenant), or
  • EASIEST FOR ALL: pre-authorized debit (automated withdrawal initiated by The Gardens on Tenth)


  • The Apartments: 30 days
  • The Manor: 30 days
  • The Units: 30 days
  • The Gardens: 90 days

SMOKING – All buildings are smoke-free.  We have designated smoking areas on the property.

PETS – All of our buildings are pet-free facilities.

SPECIAL OCCASIONS – Family gatherings can be accommodated at The Gardens on Tenth free of charge.  There is room for your group in:

  • The Gardens Multi-purpose Room
  • The Apartments Activity Room, Lounge
  • The Manor Dining Room
  • The Units Dining Room

For more information, contact Administration: [email protected] or call (204-324-8945).

PHONES – Many tenants use MTS for their phone – call their Customer Service line at (204)225-5687 or go to the MTS Connect store at West Park Motors in Altona (248 Centre Ave East).  If you mention that the phone needs to be hooked up quickly for safety reasons (i.e. Lifeline) hookup is much faster.

TELEVISION – Tenants will directly contact a satellite provider of their choosing.  In The Gardens, Shaw Satellite is included in the monthly Service Package.

SALON – We have a salon on the second floor of The Gardens building.  There are several hair stylists available onsite. Contact them for appointments:

  • Shirley – (204)304-6149 – Thursday
  • Norma – (204)304-1189 – Friday
  • Geri’s Place for Hair in Apartments basement — (204)304-1190

MANICURES/PEDICURES: Miranda Klippenstein – 204-304-1763

MASSAGE: check bulletin board for availability

FOOT CARE – Contact Foot Care specialists to make an appointment:

  • Lisa Giesbrecht, Certified Foot Care RN – (204)324-5690 or (204)304-1444
  • Lisa Mayhew, RN – (204)324-4855

PHARMACIST: Pembina Valley Pharmacy provides a Pharmacist in the 2nd floor Health/Salon room of The Gardens every Wednesday at 10:00 AM to consult regarding medications. Free delivery of prescriptions.

PFAHL’S HOME HEALTH: Residents are responsible for the maintenance of their wheelchairs or scooters. Pfahl’s Home Health (Altona Mall) does monthly service visits 1st Wednesday of the month at 10:00 AM in The Apartments. Call Pfahl’s to arrange to test new/used equipment so they can bring options.

TENANT ORIENTATION – Administration is available to answer questions for tenants or their family or supporters. We can also provide all the necessary moving-in information new tenants may require. Email: [email protected] or call (204)324-8945.

WHAT IF I NEED HELP WITH EVERYDAY THINGS?  Life Enrichment staff are available to give you a hand.  email [email protected] or [email protected] or call (204)324-8945).

GUEST SUITE – Our guest suite in The Gardens is available to tenants’ guests for $95 per night.  They will be comfortable in a room with a queen sized bed, a kitchenette, coffee maker, and TV.  Bookings are made by Administration.  Check-in time is 4:00pm on the day of arrival, and check-out time is 11:00am on the day of departure.  We accept cash and cheques for payment, or charge to the tenants suite if the tenant wishes to pay for the room.

VOLUNTEERS – If you are interested in getting involved at The Gardens on Tenth, volunteer opportunities are readily available.  Contact [email protected] or call (204)324-8945.

ESTATE PLANNING/WILLS: Tenants may want to include The Gardens on Tenth in their will.

TAXI SERVICES:  Rides may be arranged through C.A.R.E. (Community Assistance Resources for Elderly). Please call C.A.R.E. directly to make arrangements: (204)324-7294.

  • They offer a car and driver on a fee-for-service basis for individuals who do not use a wheelchair.
  • The C.A.R.E. Handi-van is used to transport citizens who do use a wheelchair.

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