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Outdoor Lunch – Rollkuchen & Watermelon – June 7, 2016

We took advantage of a lovely day, and had lunch outside and in the gazebo!  Rollkuchen were being fried out there, and we enjoyed them hot out of the pan!  Yummy!





Our “only-slightly-wild” Wild West Cookout – August 13, 2015

We enjoyed a warm day in our courtyard shade, sporting Wild West wear in the “photo booth” and enjoying a cookout of BBQ sausage burgers, freshly made curly fries, and watermelon!  An opportunity for a western “hayride” — minus the hay 🙂 — followed!





Recently, we had a celebration to wish Ray Hamm well as he retires from his work at The Gardens on Tenth.  Take a look at the pictures below to get a glimpse into the party!


SWEETHEART BANQUETS – February 12, 2015

Today was a special day at The Gardens! We celebrated Valentine’s today with a Sweetheart Banquet for all the residents! The joy on their faces and the sparkle in their eyes as they were escorted to their table by our Gentlemen servers (Pastor Frank from EMMC and Pastor Rick from ABC) was priceless! What a wonderful time we all had!

We started the meal with Ceasar Salad, then had our main course of Chicken Cordon Bleu, mashed potatoes and grilled broccoli and carrots.  Pastor Rick shared a devotional with us, and then we continued on with a delicious dessert of Strawberry Cheesecake.  We also enjoyed Sparkling Raspberry Grape juice and coffee.

What a treat it was to have live dinner music with the very talented Jennifer Tame at the piano.  Beautiful!

Enjoy a sneak peek into our very special Banquet!



HAND SPA – January 20, 2015

Today was our third annual Hand Spa Day at The Gardens! What better way to break up a long cold winter than a day of pampering! After their hands and nails were feeling young and fresh again, we served them a yummy strawberry smoothie! Spa music and dim candlelight completed the tranquil experience!
Thanks to our volunteer spa workers — Betty Friesen, Sharon Driedger, and Ang Dueck!


GARDENS ON TENTH Staff Christmas Banquet – December 10, 2014



It was a beautiful day for us to go on a trip to Asia today! With passports in hand, seat belts buckled, and trays in the upright position, we took off! What a great bunch of Seniors to travel with! Such good sports!

We started with shrimp appetizers! Chopsticks were provided for those who were brave enough to try them!  The main course consisted of chicken balls, stir fry vegetables, noodles and egg rolls.  For dessert, we enoyed “Sushi” and “Sashimi”, made with Rice Krispie treats and candy The fortune cookies in the middle were also home made and tasted delicious. A lot of fun was had with the little sayings and humorous tidbits hidden inside.

I (Doralin) enjoyed teaching them some Korean words and expressions that I learned from my sister & brother in law Harold & Wendi Park.

Chinese lanterns were hung above each table. We also had a variety of Korean decoration taken off the walls of my sisters home.

In the pictures below, you will see some beautiful outfits.  I borrowed these genuine Korean children’s outfits that belong to my niece and nephew. These are worn for special occasions.  Some of the ladies who used to sew were fascinated by the intricate detail and bright colors.

With seafood being a big part of Asian culture, we thought it appropriate to have a large “aquarium” on the wall.

We have a great Life Enrichment team who puts these events together!  It’s such a pleasure to work together to bring life and joy into the lives of our Senior friends at The Gardens.

Enjoy the pictures to get a glimpse into our fun!









What happens with fresh vegetables when several ladies with decades of kitchen experience get together?  Check out the pictures below to see for yourself!






Each month, we celebrate the birthdays of the residents for that month.  There are eight birthdays for August, and we had a great time celebrating!  We invited a couple of young violinists to entertain us, and entertain us they did!  Trey and Kemper Hamm, age 11, along with their mom Carla, played solo, duet and trio songs for us!  What a talented family!  The boys even brought their grandma and great-grandma (who also has an August birthday!) to join the fun!  And of course, we enjoyed a great birthday dessert and coffee afterwards!







This year, Altona celebrated 50 years of Sunflower Festivals!  Records were set for number of people at the park for Saturday nights concert and stage show, as well as number of entries for the Saturday morning parade.  We were a part of that parade with a new float!  We received a donated “train” from Salem Home in Winkler.  Pete, our maintenance man, did some minor repairs on it, and then we painted it with our Gardens green color and our logo.  Four residents and two staff hopped aboard, and off we went to be a part of making history!

Take a look at the pictures below to see us and our float:




.We celebrated CANADA DAY today at The Gardens on Tenth. We started off by singing “Oh Canada” and remembering how thankful we need to be for the freedom we enjoy in our country!

Take a look at the pictures below, or click here to see them on our FaceBook page.



Rhubarb Party!  (June 20, 2014)

The culinary skills of our Seniors is put to good use, especially during the gardening season! They well remember what it takes to put jam on the table!

Take a look at the pictures below!





BBQ Lunch in the Gazebo – Apartment Residents (group 1)

– June 3, 2014

We are very much enjoying the beautiful summer weather, and are trying to take advantage of the opportunity to cook and serve a special BBQ lunch for all of the residents.  Because of our limited space in our outdoor gazebo, we’re doing these lunches with smaller groups.  On June 3rd, we took half of the Apartment residents to the Gazebo, and served them a delicious lunch of BBQ sausage burgers, home-made curly fries (the machine to cut these was designed by our very own Pete Friesen (maintenance), who also cooked them up for us!)  And of course, we ended the great meal off with ice-cream sandwiches!


Weekly Bingo!

Bingo is a regular favorite at The Gardens!  Our special guest, Alexi, joined us for an afternoon of Bingo on an early school dismissal day. Here you see her entertaining the residents with a magic trick, while they enjoyed their mid-Bingo coffee break!

See some pictures of this May 28th Bingo below:





BBQ Lunch in the Gazebo – May 26, 2014

All the Manor residents were invited to a BBQ lunch served up in the Gazebo, and the weather was perfect for this outdoor lunch!  Pete, our Maintenance man, fried up some fresh curly fries!  Yummy!

Here are a few pictures of our special lunch:


FOLDING MCC TAGS – May 20, 2014

Another example of the volunteer work many of our residents take part in for MCC — folding price tags!  It is an essential part of the thrift store in Altona, and we have the privilege of being a part of their ministry!

And of course, once we’ve worked for a while, coffee & cookies are well-deserved!

Check out the pictures below!






BIRTHDAY PARTY – May 15, 2014

Every month or two, we have a big birthday party for all the residents with a birthday during that time! Today we celebrated all the May and June birthdays! The Jamboree Singers blessed us with their musical talents!




We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon, celebrating Mothers Day!  Residents were each encouraged to invite a special guest — daughter, sister, friend — to join us for an afternoon Tea Party.  We were all blessed by the music and message of Jodi Faith, a talented musician friend of one of our residents.  Jodi’s message was clear — if we feel that we no longer have a purpose on earth, and wonder why we’re still here… we still have a very important job! PRAY!!! Pray for your children, grandchildren, family, friends!

See the pictures below to get a glimpse into our celebration!







EASTER CELEBRATION at The Gardens on Tenth – April 17, 2014



It would appear from the pictures and information we put on here, that all we do is party and have fun at The Gardens! While it is true that we do all that, many of our wonderful Seniors have a heart for Missions and to help others! One way they are able to contribute in this way is by folding price tags for our local MCC Thrift Store. And when you do this around a table surrounded by friends, even “work” can be fun!


OUR “NEW” TEA ROOM!  –  Click on the photo’s to enlarge them; a second time to see them even better :)

Our tea room has been around for a long time, and is intended for the use of residents and their friends/family. It wasn’t the most welcoming place, and wasn’t being used for it’s intended purpose very often. The Life Enrichment team decided it was time to take on the task of breathing some new life into this room, and making it into a welcoming room for residents!

We don’t have any “before” pictures, and we mostly worked with what we had, and freshening it up! Our goal was to make it feel like “Grandma’s House”.

If you would like have your own “tea party” or just a small get-together with your family member or friend living in The Gardens on Tenth, please email (email hidden; JavaScript is required) or call (204-304-1368) us to arrange a date/time and we will reserve it for you, or if you come in and it’s available, you’re welcome to us it. You can even let us know in advance that you want lunch or supper there with them, and we can have it delivered to you in the Tea Room (regular meal charges apply). Or bring in your own food to enjoy here. Dishes are here for your use.

Come with us for a quick tour…


HAWAIIAN LUNCH @ THE GARDENS – MARCH 4, 2014  – Click on the photo’s to enlarge them; a second time to see them even better 🙂

It’s been a loooooong coooooold winter, and cabin fever tends to set in when you aren’t able to get out as much as you’d like. So what do we do? We packed up all the residents and took a trip to Hawaii!!! Well, in our minds at least 🙂




Too far away or too busy to pop by and see your Mom/Dad or Grandma/Grandpa in person at The Gardens?


Why not Skype with them?  If you’re not familiar with this program, check out for this free tool!  Our Skype name is gardensontenth.  Send us an email (email hidden; JavaScript is required) and we’ll set them up!  We’ve got a webcam at this end, so you’ll even be able to see them!  Hopefully you do too, as they’d love to see your face, I’m sure!

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If you would like to send an email message or photo to a family member here, we would be more than happy to receive it, print it out, and give it to them or read it to them.  What a great way to stay connected even in your busy world!  Send it to email hidden; JavaScript is required.




Valentine’s Day Party — Olympics style!  *** February 13, 2014 ***




Here are some pictures of the Hand Spa we enjoyed on January 28th.




Up until now, you’ve known us as the “Activity” staff. We have recently done some thinking about what we all do with the residents, and find that word to not fully encompass what our mission is. We’ve chosen the name “LIFE ENRICHMENT” to better express what we try to do for each of the residents here — we strive to enrich their lives in more ways than just through activities!

Planning and implementing activities such as daily exercise, weekly Bingo, monthly birthday parties, seasonal decor and parties, and theme meals is certainly a part of enriching their lives, but we try to do so much more. We offer retirement activities that reflect the talents, interests and personalities of the residents, while also offering new experiences that will challenge them and keep them mentally healthy. We provide companionship, help them with their independent duties such as making phone calls or reading mail, can provide rides for a small fee when family is unable to do so, and more.

At the moment, we are in the process of getting photo release forms filled out which will allow us to post more pictures of the activities and events we all enjoy at The Gardens on Tenth.  Look for more pictures in the coming months!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us at email hidden; JavaScript is required or call us at (204)304-1368.