The Gardens on Tenth

(204) 324-8945

(204) 324-8945

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General Information

STAFF – Members of our staff are able to converse in English, Low German, and High German, as well as some other languages.

RENT – Rent is payable in advance, on or before the first of the month.  Rent can be paid by:

  • cash
  • cheque
  • automatic transfer (set-up by the resident), or
  • EASIEST FOR ALL: pre-authorized debit (automated withdrawal initiated by The Gardens on Tenth)

* A minimum of one month’s notice of moving is required.  Consideration will be given to residents who are transferred to hospital or the Personal Care Home

SMOKING – All buildings are smoke-free.

SPECIAL OCCASIONS – Family gatherings can be accommodated at The Gardens on Tenth.  There is room for your group in one of our lounges, multi-purpose rooms, or dining areas.  For more information, contact our Life Enrichment Staff (204-304-1368).

DRINK MACHINES – We have a drink machine available to all tenants and guests in The Manor.

GUEST SUITE – Our guest suite in The Gardens is available to tenants’ guests for $90 per night.  They will be comfortable in a room with a queen sized bed, a kitchenette, coffee maker, and TV.  Bookings are made by Reception.  Check-in time is 4:00pm on the day of arrival, and check-out time is 1:00pm on the day of departure.  We accept cash and cheques for payment, or charge to the tenants suite if the tenant wishes to pay for the room.

WORTH MENTIONING – Your donations are welcome!  The Gardens on Tenth is a registered charity, and financial gifts help us to continue providing housing, meals, security and other services, primarily for elderly people in our community.

We offer two Soup & Pie fundraising meals each year, usually in April and October.

General donations are used as needed; however, donations can be designated for projects or for chaplain support.  The chaplaincy program is entirely dependent on donations from churches, other groups and individuals.

Residents may want to include The Gardens on Tenth in their will.

If you are interested in getting involved at The Gardens on Tenth, volunteer opportunities may be available.  Contact our Managing Director, Lisa Smiley at (204)324-8945 or email email hidden; JavaScript is required.