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The Gardens on Tenth: Growing for Our Community

This is the name of our fundraising campaign–a bold drive to raise $3 million to provide cash to help finance the project, and establish a fund that will pay the tenant entry fee for those who cannot afford that cost on their own.

"If you never need to move in, this is still the best investment you can make in our community. It will allow more people to age in place, in dignity, with self-respect and privacy."

“If you never need to move in, this is still the best investment you can make in our community. It will allow more people to age in place, in dignity, with self-respect and privacy.” – Menno Friesen, Campaign Director

Fundraising will also help to pay for the kitchen and other spaces in the building which will be of benefit to the wider community.

A portion of the new building is dedicated to benefit the region by providing a number of suites for lower income tenants. The goal for all tenants is to keep people living independently longer and give them and their families peace of mind.

The project is expected to cost between $17-$19 million. The building will have 66 independent-living suites with common areas and a kitchen large enough for the entire complex which will accommodate future expansion. All tenants will purchase plans for meals, service and security.

The project will be financed largely through a mix of tenant equity and a mortgage. Our campaign ensures this community asset will be available to all who need it. The campaign will provide the cash to finance the project and establish a fund to look after the entrance fee for suites which will be available to qualified residents.

We are asking individuals and organizations in the community to be part of the campaign, and help us meet our goal of $3 million to invest in a community asset to create new opportunities for independent living.

To learn more about our fundraising campaign, see our background information page on the building project.

Ways of Thoughtful Giving

There are various reasons people contribute to a project like this. Some have had parents or grandparents living at the former Ebenezer Home. They have appreciated the safe and homelike atmosphere provide to them.

Some are approaching a time where they themselves will be looking for a retirement residence that will provide an alternative to the home they now occupy.

Many people feel that supporting this project is one way of ensuring that the community will continue to grow and flourish.

Whatever your reason for supporting this project, it’s important to know that there are numerous ways that you might want to explore to maximize the significance of your gift.

Outright gifts:

The most common way of course is an outright cash gift to the project. You can maximize your support by taking advantage of the three year pledge period offered in this campaign. Pledge payment plans can be arranged to suit your individual needs.

To make a secure online contribution via Paypal, please click on the button below to donate now.

Other types of gifts can include paid-up life insurance policies, gifts-in-kind, stocks and bonds, real estate and other types of personal assets.

Planned giving options:

Some donors would like to support the campaign with a gift of assets that they currently still require
to supplement their income. A planned gift is one made in trust to The Gardens on Tenth where the donor still retains some or all of the benefits for a specified time.

A bequest in a will is a very popular way of showing support that will benefit the campaign at a future date.

Planned giving options are always designed for a specific person or situation and need to be developed in consultation with our campaign office. We also recommend that your gift be made in consultation with your legal and tax advisors, and family members.