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The RM of Rhineland and the Town of Altona are home to an increasing number of seniors 55-plus who are in a range of housing, have a wide spectrum of care needs and desire a high quality of life. In a community that is well-known for coming together for the good of its people, we are planning a new project that will continue to make Altona a place where people want to spend their retirement years.

Canadians over 55 and those approaching that age have very different expectations about housing and care than those a generation or more ago did.Today’s seniors and their families want and expect choice and support for their circumstances, and many have the means to make it happen. And as the baby boomers reach retirement age, more will be looking for alternatives that suit their needs.

In April, 2010, a group of more than 50 people from the churches and the community came together for a full-day think tank session. They told us they wanted a housing option that had the following values:

Activity, Meaning, Independence, Dignity, Companionship

They said:
We want a place where we choose to live, not where we have to live.

In 2012, we surveyed people in the region, and they once again expressed their desire for a new kind of housing in Altona to offer alternatives as they grew older. We heard overwhelmingly that they wanted it built sooner rather than later.
We also heard:

  • People want larger suites with more services
  • They want to live independently for as long as possible
  • If they have no family support, then external services are needed
  • People have a need to socialize while maintaining privacy
Access Credit Union with The Gardens on Tenth sign a financing deal

Staff of Access Credit Union visited The Gardens on Tenth in October, 2012 to sign a financing deal for the new building. Standing, left to right: Larry Davey, President & CEO of Access Credit Union (ACU); Ray Hamm, Administrator of The Gardens on Tenth; Wes Friesen, Building Committee Chairman; Wes Sawatsky, Treasurer; Glenn Reimer, ACU. Seated: David Wiebe, Board Chairman and Wes Schroeder, ACU.

In response, we have planned a new complex, to be built in multiple phases on Tenth Avenue. The first phase will be a four-storey property with a mix of one and two-bedroom suites, as well as administration offices, common areas, and a kitchen large enough to serve the entire complex. The goal of the new building is to offer people a range of housing options together with a package of services, including meals and security, thus expanding their ability to live independently.

The new building will also focus on healthy living and wellness by providing social activities, recreation and exercise for residents.