The Gardens on Tenth

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In keeping with the Christian faith and heritage that built the Ebenezer Home, our current Board remains committed to serving the evolving needs of our residents through facilities, programs, and services designed to address the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of those in our care or in need of our care, with dignity and respect deserving of persons created in the image of God.

Philosophy of The Gardens on Tenth

We believe:

  • All residents deserve respect regardless of age, race or creed.
  • All residents and their families deserve to be treated with kindness, sympathy, understanding and compassion.

Our Objectives

  • To provide a peaceful and happy home life for seniors and the elderly.
  • To promote an atmosphere where respect for people and for life is the basis for our care and concern for all residents.
  • To nurture wholeness, happiness and a sense of purpose in the lives of all residents.
  • To promote sensitivity to and understanding of the needs of residents and their relatives and friends.
  • To provide an atmosphere where each resident is invited to grow in his or her relationship with God.
  • To provide a wholesome, satisfying work environment for our employees.
  • To encourage programs of educational, social and spiritual value for residents and employees.
  • To cooperate with government agencies and community service providers in meeting the physical, social and spiritual requirements of aging or disabled seniors.