The Gardens on Tenth

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(204) 324-8945

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Churches & Board Representatives

The Gardens on Tenth is a non-profit charitable organization, operated by a board on behalf of local area churches.  Each area church is invited to send a representative to participate on the Board of Directors.

The board is a governing body of The Gardens on Tenth and the board accepts final responsibility for all operations.  The board appoints the Managing Director, and to this individual delegates the responsibility for the management of The Gardens.  The board meets regularly, usually every month.

Currently, our board consists of:

David Wiebe
Board Chair
Altona United Church

Len Schieman
Vice Chair
St. John Lutheran Church, Rosenfeld

Ernie Buhler
Finance Chair
Victory Family Church

Laurie Schellenberg
Managing Director

Bill E. Friesen
Rosenfeld Bergthaler Church

Brian Penner
Altona EMMC

Eddy Martens
Altona Bergthaler Church

Elvera Schellenberg
South Park MB Church

Wendy Klippenstein
Seeds Church

Ken Wiebe
Altona EMMC

James Stoesz
Sommerfeld Mennonite Church

John Falk
Blumenort Mennonite Church

John Gerbrandt
Altona Mennonite Church

Bill Penner
Bergfeld EMMC

Henry Abrams
Reinland Mennonite Church

Pete Rempel
Sommerfeld Mennonite Church

Tina Penner
Gretna Bergthaler Mennonite

Ben Dueck
Altona Bergthaler Church

Wes Friesen
Halbstadt Bergthaler Mennonite