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Gardens On Tenth Construction On Target

Excellent progress is being made on the construction of a major seniors housing project in Altona.

Work on the interior of the four story addition to the Gardens on Tenth complex has begun with a number of suites ready for paint which will be followed by the installation of cabinets and flooring in the next few weeks.

“The response we’ve received from the tours we’ve done has been very positive,” said Wes Friesen, construction committee chairman. “People have been in awe of how things are coming together because there is a lot going on; from concrete work on one end to finishing some interior painting on the other end.”

Friesen says as the project moves forward more people will get a chance to see what’s happening.

The seniors housing apartment will feature a total of 66 suites when completed. 48 of those suites will be eligible for provincial rent subsidies, making it an affordable housing project.

Gardens on Tenth is the largest project of its kind ever constructed in the community. “We take a certain amount of pride that we’ve been able to do this for the community and at the same time its been very humbling,” said Friesen.

So far, 41 of the suites have been spoken for leaving 25 suites still available in a variety of sizes which include single bedroom, a smaller two bedroom configuration and a larger two bedroom size. “There’s rent assistance available for all three size categories,” according to Friesen.

Friesen adds they are confident the project will be completed by the spring of 2015.

In the meantime, the project committee will again focus on its fundraising efforts in the coming months. To date, the Gardens on Tenth has raised $2.45 million of their $3 million fundraising goal.

“The more we can fundraise locally the less interest we have to pay on our mortgage, so we could definitely use a little more help up front.”

Friesen points out the committee has not used any government funding in the capital financing of Gardens on Tenth expansion.

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Written by Dean Penner/Al Friesen on Monday, 20 October 2014